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Nankai university is a key comprehensive university directly under the ministry of education, is the beloved premier zhou enlai's Alma mater.

Founder of nankai university was founded in 1919, is a famous modern patriotic education official and chang po-ling. During the Anti-Japanese War, nankai university and Beijing university, tsinghua university in kunming of the world-famous southwest united university, known as the "institution beichen". Fair can with each passing day of nankai university, adhering to the "allow" the school motto, carry forward the "patriotism, dedication, innovation, lequn" glorious tradition, developed by zhou enlai, chern, and works as a representative of a large number of outstanding talents, made important contribution for the national revitalization and the country rich and powerful. New century new stage, a department of nankai university and tianjin focus to build support among the national key construction universities in the 21st century.

Nankai university covers an area of 4.561 million square meters, building area of 1.242 million square meters. Advanced campus network facilities, library collection of 3.616 million books. In addition to the main campus, campus and meet waterway, tourism and service institute, institute of teda (tianjin economic and technological development zone). Under the strong support of the ministry of education and tianjin jinnan new campus is under construction. According to the principle of "independent school, cooperation", a comprehensive cooperation in running schools with tianjin university.

Nankai university is one of the comprehensive and research university discipline class is complete. Formed in the long-term process of running school, the liberal arts, base broad, pay equal attention to highlight the characteristics of application and innovation. 22 existing professional college, and graduate school, school of continuing education, modern distance education college, disciplines covering literature, history, philosophy, classics, tube, law, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, teaching, art, etc. School actively build and develop to meet the need of 21st century economic and social development and personnel training of subject system, the existing 80 undergraduate majors (including national professional features 18), graduate of 231, 172 doctoral degree, doctorate authorization first-level discipline 29, postdoctoral scientific research to 27. The existing level of the national key disciplines 6 35 secondary discipline (cover), 2 national key disciplines nine, 2 national key (foster), 27 primary tianjin key disciplines. Existing national key laboratory of 2, 1 national engineering center, the ministry of education key laboratory of eight, ministry of science and technology key laboratory of 1, 1, the state environmental protection administration of key laboratory of tianjin key laboratory of 12, three engineering center of ministry of education, national foundation course personnel training and scientific research base of nine, college students' cultural quality education base 1, one country "111" innovation base 5, exchanging and group three foundation innovation, the ministry of education innovation team (2013) 3, the national college of humanities and social science key research base of seven, "985 project" philosophy and social science innovation base 7, "985 project" science and technology innovation platform 4.

Nankai university have a male can have both, business skill, progressive and dynamic teaching staff. In 1988 full-time teachers, 667 doctoral supervisors, master unripe adviser, 753 people, 705 professors, 801 associate professors. Members (human relations) at the university 8 people, 5 of the developing of the national academy of sciences academician, "973" and "863" plan, chief expert of 15 people, the ministry of education "cheung kong scholars programme" distinguished professor 33 people 15 people, professor, national expert with outstanding contribution, 11, 12 discipline appraisal group members by the academic degrees committee under the state council, "the project to study and develop marxist theory" chief expert 11 people, the main members of the 29 people, national "pacesetter project" men 18 people, "the national outstanding youth science fund" winner of 34 people, national "one thousand project" the list of 8 people, the national "youth one thousand people plan" list 6 people, the country "TeZhi plan" leading personnel 4 people, youth talent of 4 people, the ministry of education "cross-century talent fund" winner 21 people, the ministry of education of the young teachers in colleges and universities award winner 9 people, the ministry of education the teaching masters award winner 8 people, the ministry of education "new century excellent talents to support plan" the list of 176 people, the first level of tianjin "131" talent project 37 people.

Nankai university with bachelor's, master's, doctoral and postdoctoral complete education system. Existing full-time students 24305 people, including 12873 undergraduate, master graduate student 8156 people, a doctoral candidate in 3276. The education of adult students 4444 people, the remote education student 37340 people.

Nankai university is both a teaching center, and the scientific research center, made a number of recognized outstanding scientific research achievements at home and abroad. Won the second prize of national natural science since 2007, 2, 1 item of national scientific and technological progress second prize, second prize of national technological invention in item 1, won the national teaching achievement prizes at 7, at the national level 35 door class quality, China youth science one, the national hundred outstanding doctor paper has selected 20 articles. Results of 10 2013 tianjin science and technology awards. Are selected as source journals by SCI in 2012, by 1292 papers, by EI collected 633 papers, be CPCI - S included 90 papers; "Well" of 496 papers, the proportion of the colleges and universities in the nation.

Nankai university, adhering to the "China, China's service" the fine tradition, giving full play to the advantages of disciplines, talent and technology actively, effort to service for national and local economic and social development, especially the all-round services in tianjin binhai new area development and opening. China APEC institute, institute of economic and social development, coastal development institute, education and industry area, human rights research center, development research center of contemporary Chinese studies, WTO research center, national economic strategy institute and other research institutions is the relevant ministries and commissions of the state and local governments "think tank" and "talent". School according to the principle of "country, a world-class", comprehensive docking "innovation drive the implementation of the strategy of its development, actively promote the construction of various types of collaborative innovation center, with a group of colleges and universities, enterprises, research institutes, government has established the close cooperation relations.

Nankai university continuously strengthen the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality and creative ability, value "wen to rule with great power, and companies in rich countries" educational philosophy, to "pay attention to quality, cultivating ability, strengthening the basis, broaden the professional, strict management, quality assurance" for the teaching guiding ideology, with flexible educational system, credit system, the main minor system, system of double degree. The "classroom teaching, campus culture, and social practice of organic combination as the basic part of education, with outstanding alumni zhou enlai as models, shaping students' healthy personality, noble moral character, the innovation spirit and practice ability. To implement the quality education implementation summary of nankai university (2011-2015) ", the characteristics of building the nankai "public will" quality education system, promote the all-round development of students.

Nankai university is famous for its fine school spirit, pay attention to students comprehensive development in moral, intellectual, physical, the United States for the healthy growth of young students create a rich atmosphere of elegant and lively campus culture. Nankai graduates with solid, comprehensive quality, and full of pioneering spirit and practical ability and the social from all walks of life.

Nankai university has a broad international influence, and international well-known 290 universities and academic institutions established cooperation and exchange relations. Contract to build the Confucius institute of university of Maryland and other 7 overseas Confucius institute, 2012, named "advanced Confucius institute, the Chinese partner schools". School Chinese foreign education training task, the state introduced a batch of higher levels such as the Oxford project study abroad program, attended the davos world leaders at the university of BBS, bear the international public universities alliance (IFPU) secretariat work, the first to be included in the hanban "new sinology international training plan", the internationalization level.

Nankai university successively awarded the mathematician shiing-shen chern, physicists attended, economists jan mir dahl, Taiwan before the sef chairman Chiang pin-kung, chairman of the world economy BBS Klaus schwab nine international famous people such as the honorary title of Dr. Existing professor emeritus of 58 people, visiting professor of 383 people. Nobel Prize winner Yang zhenning, li zhen-dao, Samuel ting, Robert mundell, Peter duch, Carl Barry sharp rice, former U.S. secretary of state Henry kissinger, the former south Korean President Kim dae-jung, former President of the European commission, the former Italian prime minister Romano prodi ・, France's foreign minister, former prime minister Laurent Mr Fabius, chairman of the world economy BBS Klaus schwab, the famous writer jin yong was appointed honorary professor, such as a number of renowned scholars at home and abroad, famous politicians, entrepreneurs, as a visiting professor, part-time professor.

Nankai university will continue to adhere to nankai roads, carries forward the character of nankai, everbright nankai spirit, adhere to education, to strengthen the quality characteristics, vigorously implement talent strong school, strong discipline, improve quality of education, scientific research and innovation, service binhai six grand strategy, internationalization, to build a world-class university. 

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