Nankai university faculty retirement work procedures

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1. The school list for retirees

According to national relevant retirement policy, school, school respectively in January and July each year review faculty archives reaching emeritus age, the staff list to reach retirement age, and issued the relevant units;

2. Each unit reported retired form

Each unit check list of schools retiree, fill in "retirement form (in duplicate), signed by the unit after retirement, report to the school;

(3) for examination and approval of the school

School summary, review units after retirement advice and related materials, to formulate retiree list, identify the competent for examination and approval of the principal;

4. Deal with emeritus formalities

(1) the retiree list after approval of the school, the school issued to each related unit retirement approval notice, all relevant units to inform retirees, deal with emeritus formalities;

(2) the retiree himself a one-inch photo to the op is dealt with emeritus card, the original emeritus card, id original, dragon to the tianjin housing accumulation fund management center of housing accumulation fund of nankai carry out the extraction of housing accumulation fund management.  

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