The enterprise project management program of nankai universi

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1. The unit to declare

Every unit in the school of business within the scope of employment index number, according to the condition of work needs and personnel flow, write a written report with relevant evidentiary materials, employing personnel, work content, employment period, salary treatment, payment account, renewed reason, such as after signing relevant principals and build official seal, in a month before 18 report to the personnel department;

2. To the school for examination and approval

School report summary each unit, carries on the examination and approval; Involving research account and financial relations by science and technology, social science research management, financial and other relevant departments for approval;

3. Deal with relevant formalities

(1) each unit according to the different categories of the personnel, the employment formalities and submitted to the personnel department for the record;

(2) 25 days per month, for the enterprise staff to issue when monthly wages, pay monthly insurance, etc.;

4. The departure for the record

The career preparation of labor personnel for personal reasons not in various units to continue to work, written resignation application by oneself, place unit head to sign and affix the seal of the unit; Resign application copy submitted to the personnel department for the record, the original units by himself to the corresponding formalities, the close relationship. 

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