Nankai university faculty callout, resignation procedures

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1. I am applying

I put forward a written application, called up, resignation and to reason and handwritten signature, attached dealer DiaoHan or action, to place unit for examination and approval;

2. Review unit

Place the unit combined with this unit, head of the teaching and scientific research of arrangement and objective conditions, the sign of examination and approval opinions;

3. To the school for examination and approval

Schools in accordance with the relevant policy, comprehensive consider the unit where the applicant is located, to bring up, resign application for examination and approval;

4. Deal with relevant formalities

(1) according to the regulations of the school policies, settlement of campus relationship;

(2) the leave formalities, quit the resign application form is to be completed by the applicant at the same time (in duplicate);

(3) to sort out all the file material, transfer files;

(4) the settlement of wages, insurance, accumulation fund, etc.  


The relevant information

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